Independent Artist Submissions


Q. What are Independent Artist Submissions?

A: The Independent Artist Submissions tool allows self-releasing, independent artists to submit their music or comedy to Pandora.

Submissions made through this tool are reviewed by Pandora’s curation team for analysis and – once approved – will be available for streaming on Pandora. These releases can also be considered for inclusion in Pandora’s official programs, helping artists grow their fanbase and reach new listeners.

All submissions must first be distributed to Pandora via a digital aggregator (e.g. Tunecore, Distrokid, CD Baby etc.) so that they can be made available to all listeners on Pandora’s three tiers of service.

Q: Who should use Independent Artist Submissions?

A: Independent Artists Submissions is intended to be used by independent, self-releasing artists. Direct deal partners (labels, distributors, etc.) should not use this tool to deliver their content to Pandora.

Q: How do I submit my music using Independent Artist Submissions?

A: For more information on how to use Independent Artist Submissions, please see the Independent Artist Submissions User Guide.

Q: What are the best distribution options when using Independent Artist Submissions?

A: Although we now require all artists using Independent Artist Submissions to have their music or comedy distributed to Pandora by a digital aggregator, we leave it up to the artist to research and decide which service is right for them.

Here are some options to consider when distributing to Pandora:

*CDBaby, Distrokid, and Tunecore offer distribution and licensing services specifically tailored for self-releasing DIY artists.

Q: How many Submissions can I send at one time?

A: You will only be able to submit one release at a time through the tool. To send in multiple releases, you will need to make a separate submission for each release.

Q: How do I check the status of my submissions?

A: To view the status of your submission, navigate to the Submissions page. Here you will be able to see information regarding the release details (artist name, release title, date the release was submitted, number of tracks), as well as the current status of your submission:

  • In Review

    • Your submission is complete, and you’re officially in the queue for consideration. You will receive a notification if your submission is approved.

  • Live

    • Your release is live and available on Pandora.

  • Rejected

    • Your release was not approved to play on Pandora.

Q: How long will it take to process my submission?

A: While we do not offer an expected timeline for submissions, you can always check the status of your submissions here. If your submission is approved, we’ll also send you an email when your release is live on Pandora.

Q: My music is already available on Pandora. Do I need to submit all new releases through this tool? 

A: No, you do not need to submit all of your future new releases through this tool. Please confirm with your distributor that your future releases have been delivered to Pandora with the appropriate rights and they’ll automatically go live.

Q: I submitted a release through the old tool and it is currently pending. Do I have to resubmit my release?

A: Yes, we encourage you to resubmit your release using the new Independent Artist Submissions tool. This will allow your submission to be processed sooner.

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