What is the insights Tab?

The Insights tab provides a central location for viewing high-level artist data on each individual artist’s AMP profile.

What data is available on the insights tab?

Atop this page, you can see Lifetime Streams, Lifetime Artist Station Adds, and Monthly Listeners to get a feel for both all-time and current performance.

Your activity feed populates underneath, surfacing alerts on upcoming shows and for AMP campaigns.

Next, you’ll find visualizations of your Streams, Artist Station Adds, and Thumbs in easy-to-digest line graphs. Use the adjustable date picker to isolate data from these metrics (and more), providing you with the flexibility to look at your data across variable time ranges.

Lastly, take a look at where your fans are located around the country by diving into where listeners have streamed your music, added your Artist Station, and Thumbed Up your songs. Playing a gig in the U.S.? Now it’s easier than ever to target your fanbase in a particular region and let them know about your upcoming tour dates using the Promote Show feature within AMP, streamlining the process for creating Artist Audio Messages to drive ticket sales.