+ How do I get my music on Pandora?

If you are an independent, self releasing artist, you can have your music delivered to Pandora by an artist aggregator or distributor of your choice. Go here for more information on how to partner with Pandora. Once your music is delivered to us, if you don’t find your music on Pandora after a few weeks, simply go to for consideration. If your submission is approved, it will be analyzed in the music genome, and will go live on Pandora shortly thereafter.

If you are already working with an aggregator or distributor, make sure to opt in or check the box to have your music distributed to Pandora. Once one of your releases has been approved, subsequent releases we receive will be automatically added to Pandora.

Music Reports (MRI) helps artists track and manage their music rights, licensing, and royalties. Using our integration with MRI’s Songdex platform, you can easily resolve any publishing issues preventing your music from being available on any of Pandora’s three tiers of service.

Tracks that have publishing blocks will be noted by a “Resolve Publishing” button alongside the tracklisting on the Catalog tab of the artist’s AMP profile. Click this button to address the related publishing issues. For more information, please see our Catalog Tab User Guide.

+ How do I get access to AMP?

If your music is spinning on Pandora, claim your AMP profile at If you work at a label or distributor in a direct deal with Pandora, please contact your Partner Manager for access.

+ How do I get access to AMPcast?

If your music is spinning on Pandora, claim your AMP profile then download the latest Pandora app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. Log in using the same email and password you use to log into AMP, and tap your artist name in the menu of the app.

+ How do I get access to Next Big Sound?

To create a free Next Big Sound account, visit and fill out the required information. If your company has a group Next Big Sound account, contact your company’s NBS administrator to join it, too.

+ Where can I find more information about Pandora Stories?

For more information on Pandora Stories, including FAQs and the sign up form to publish your own Pandora Story, visit


+ I have AMP Access, but when I log in I don’t see the blue “Create Campaign” plus sign.

There are three types of AMP access: Member, Publisher, and Owner. If your account is set to Member access, you will not see the “Create Campaign” option. If you are a Publisher or Owner, you will see the “Create Campaign” option, but it may include different tool availability, depending on whether your account has artist-level or label-level access. By default artist-level accounts have access to Artist Audio Messages and Promote Show, and label-level accounts have access to Artist Audio Messages, Promote Show, Featured Tracks, and Promote Single. However, if you are an independent artist and you deliver your music to Pandora through one of our partners, you may be eligible for direct access to Featured Tracks. A partial list of our partners includes: CD Baby, Distrokid, ONErpm, Tunecore. Please reach out to AMP Support if you believe you need to adjust your access type.

+ How do I use a specific AMP marketing tool?

We’re glad you asked! Watch videos, read user guides and learn from case studies on the Using AMP and Next Big Sound pages of the Playbook: Artist Audio Messages, Featured Tracks, Campaigns, Next Big Sound

+ Can I use AMP if I am not based in the US?

Yes! You can log into AMP on your desktop and create campaigns regardless of your location. Keep in mind your campaigns will only reach listeners in the US.

+ Can I use AMPcast outside of the US?

No. AMPcast’s features are embedded into the Pandora app, so you cannot use AMPcast in countries that do not support Pandora.


+ How can I add and remove members from my team in AMP?

If you are designated as the Owner of an account, you can add or remove members of your team on AMP by selecting Team Management from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of your dashboard.

+ How can I update my artist’s profile image?

Artist profile photos can be customized on the “Profile” tab of an Artist Page in AMP. The “Profile” tab will only be seen by AMP users with Publisher or Owner access to that Artist Page.

+ How can I update my artist’s bio?

If you are interested in having your bio displayed, you will need to contact our partner TiVo. We don't have an internal database for biographical information yet, so we access the TiVo's database at for biographical information. To include your biography on Pandora, please send an email to TiVo at Lastly, please keep in mind that it can take a few weeks for Pandora to pull this data from once it is approved.

+ How can I add lyrics to my songs on Pandora?

Pandora has partnered with LyricFind to surface lyrics on our platform. Make sure you’ve registered your music with LyricFind to have your lyrics included on Pandora.


Send us an email and a member of our AMP Support team will be in touch.