Combine the tools on AMP to Promote shows, singles, and more. 

Campaigns makes it easy for you to utilize multiple AMP tools at once in order to optimally support your new music and career on Pandora. We’ve streamlined the marketing process for you so you can make the most out of the AMP tools. 

Intro to Campaigns


Automated show notifications make it even easier for you to promote your upcoming events. Using information provided by our live event partners, we target your fans to receive personalized notifications, banners, and emails alerting them of your upcoming shows - without any required action on your part!




Custom Profile Photos User Guide
A step-by-step guide with images.

Automated Promotional Tools One-Sheet Learn more about promoting your upcoming events.

Promote Single One-Sheet
Learn more about supporting your new music on Pandora.

Promote Show One-Sheet
Learn more about building campaigns
for your live shows.