The Promote Single tool in Pandora AMP creates a Campaign template that you can customize to optimally support your new music on Pandora. 


In order to use the Promote Single tool, the track you’re promoting must meet the requirements for a Featured Track: 

  • It was first spun on Pandora within the last 365 days 
  • It hasn’t been a Featured Track before 
  • The number of weekly spins for the track is at least 10


We recommend waiting 3-4 weeks after a track has started spinning on Pandora to begin Featuring it. This gives Pandora’s Genome enough time to start spinning the track and growing that track’s audience organically before the Feature period begins. 


The Promote Single tool can be accessed by clicking on the blue plus sign labeled “Create Campaign” on any artist profile within AMP. From the dropdown menu, select “Promote Single.” 

  1. You’ll be brought to a screen to create a Featured Track and an Artist Audio Message. Follow the prompt to type the name of the track you wish to promote in the search bar within the Featured Track field. As you type, a pop up menu will display a list of tracks, with ineligible tracks greyed out. Select the track you’d like to promote. 
  2. By default, the Feature period will begin right away and continue for eight weeks. Adjust the dates for the Feature period if necessary - keep in mind that we recommend waiting 3-4 weeks after a track first starts spinning on Pandora to begin Featuring.
  3. Note that the start date of your Artist Audio Message reflects the start date of your Featured Track and the track to accompany your message has already been set as the track you are Featuring. 
  4. Upload the audio for your Artist Audio Message. This should be a maximum of 15 seconds long. 
  5. Optional: Update the photo for your Artist Audio Message 
  6. Optional: Include a call-to-action link with your message 
  7. Optional: Add additional elements to your campaign by clicking the blue plus sign labeled “Add to Campaign” 
  8. Optional: Name your Campaign 
  9. Click “Submit Campaign” if your Campaign is ready to go live or “Save as Draft” to save your work now and finish your Campaign later


QUESTIONS? Visit our Support page.