A Unique take on Classic
listening experiences. 

With Pandora Stories, Creators are able to curate Playlists and Mixtapes comprised of music and comedy tracks from Pandora’s extensive catalog. Curators can further customize Programs with their own commentary, or that of a collaborator, by uploading Voice Tracks sequenced within the Program.

Pandora Stories combines the best of aspects of podcasts and playlists to help Creators expand beyond classic listening experiences and bring exclusive, engaging content to people in a whole new way.

Setting Up Your Programs

Hosting Your Programs

Building Your Programs

Program Reporting and Analytics


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“Pandora Stories has been an impactful tool for us to showcase “Songs That Saved My Life,” our covers compilation aimed at spreading awareness and raising money for suicide prevention and mental health. With Pandora Stories, listeners aren’t just hearing another cover song; they’re listening to artists speak directly about the music that has helped them, encouraging open conversations surrounding mental health in our music community and beyond. We are honored that Pandora continually seeks out new and meaningful ways for labels to showcase their artists and what goes on behind a glossy, finished product.”



Pandora Stories User Guide
A step-by-step guide with images.

Guía de usuario - Historias de Pandora
Una guía paso por paso con imágenes.

Pandora Stories One-Sheet
Learn more about what Pandora Stories offers.

Creative Starter Guide
Creative example use-cases to kick-start
program creation.

Creator FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions for Creators.