Pandora Stories


Pandora Stories provide a unique take on classic listening experiences. Creators are able to create Playlists and Mixtapes by searching for and selecting songs from Pandora’s pre-licensed catalog and can further customize the experience by adding and sequencing Voice Tracks recorded by the curator, an artist, or a featured guest. Flexible formatting capabilities allow Programs to be enjoyed by listeners on all three tiers of Pandora’s service. For all listeners, Programs can be surfaced in Pandora’s Browse and Search modules, targeted according to that listener’s musical preferences. Once Programs are published, performance analytics and editing capabilities will be available to the creator via AMP campaign analytics.


Pandora Stories allow anyone to become a creator on Pandora and share their stories using Pandora’s catalog of music. The Programs they create offer a unique experience to listeners on Pandora. Consistent Program creation builds an audience over time and gives the creator a platform from which they can share their perspective on cultural moments, promote messages important to them, and influence musical trends.


The cadence of Program creation depends heavily on the type of Programs you’re creating. Perhaps you’re creating a weekly Playlist of new releases. Perhaps it’s a one-time Mixtape anchored around an event. Whatever cadence you choose, you should commit to it, be consistent, and communicate with your followers so they know when to expect a refresh.

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