The following is a comprehensive list of Audio Message template scripts for common uses during the holiday season.

While these scripts are viable as written, please customize the phrasing however necessary to match your personality. The more natural these feel, the more successful they will be. 

Keep in mind: the self-serve tool will not allow messages over 15 seconds to be uploaded. 



“The most wonderful time of the year is here! This is [Artist], and I have a brand new holiday album called [Album Name] that I can’t wait to share. Tap the screen now to listen to it on Pandora Premium and get into the spirit!”

“Happy Holidays [nickname for fans]! This is [Artist] and I’m wishing you a very merry holiday season with my festive new album [Album Name]. Tap the screen now to listen to it on Pandora Premium.”


“What’s up this is [Artist Name] and things are about to get jolly in here! I’ve got a brand new holiday song out now called [Track Name], and I can’t wait for you to hear it. Tap the screen now to listen.”

“Happy Holidays! This is [Artist Name] and if you tap the screen right now, you can hear my brand new holiday song [Track Name]. Make some cookies, snuggle up to the re, and tap that screen!”



”Hey [City] are you ready to get in the holiday spirit? This is [Artist Name] and I’m coming to [Venue Name] on [Date] to play some songs, spread some cheer and close out 2018 with a bang. Tap the screen for tickets. See you there!”

“Hey [City]! It’s [Artist Name] and all I want this holiday season is to celebrate with you! I’m going to be at [Venue Name] on [Date], so come join me and get in the holiday spirit! Tap the screen now for tickets.”

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