AMP Trendsetters Highlights

Following a successful SXSW-filled week, we are excited to shine a spotlight on a couple artists from this week’s Trendsetter’s chart. Mexicali-native El De La Guitarra continues his climb up the chart as he lands a spot at #2, while rising Puerto Rican rapper Darell makes his debut on the list. Take a listen to these artists on Pandora today!


El De La Guitarra is Movin’ On Up!

Emoji-masked guitarist and vocalist El De La Guitarra continues to make his way up the Trendsetters chart thanks to his cross-generational appeal. As a young artist playing corridos, a Mexican genre with a longstanding and rich history, he is winning over fans of all ages. El De La Guitarra has also been building a strong fanbase in Southern California. His massive popularity there has been the driving force behind his strong performance this week with over 50% of his Artist Station Adds coming from Golden State alone.  


Introducing Darell!

Latin Trap rapper Darell may be new to our list of Trendsetters, but the Puerto Rican-native has been a steady force in the scene for some time. The genre had a surge in popularity in 2017, at which point Darell had been seeing steady growth of just under a thousand weekly Artist Station Adds. He debuts this week with almost 3,000 Artist Station Adds.