AMP Trendsetters Highlights

Don’t sleep on Trendsetters Roddy Ricch and Carin Leon! The two artists are earning fans left and right so be sure to check out their stations on Pandora today.

Roddy Ricch Dec 3.jpg


Compton rapper Roddy Ricch has had a stellar 2018. His single "Die Young" put him on the map, and his mixtape Feed Tha Streets 2 helped him stay on it, and also paved the way for his Trendsetters debut earlier this month. He's not letting his momentum fade, as he just announced this week an upcoming collaboration with buzzy EDM producer Marshmello. This month compared to last month, Ricch has seen a 250% increase in artist station adds and a 600% increase in streams on Pandora.

Carin Leon Dec 3.jpg


Carin Leon managed to have a breakout moment this summer with the single "A Través del Vaso," which went viral and inspired covers galore from fellow Latin artists. Now, the Mexico native has kept that momentum going enough to reach Trendsetter status, with around 2,200 artist station adds in the past week on Pandora.