AMP Trendsetters Highlights

We have a new top Trendsetter this week as Yella Beezy dethrones JuiceWRLD! Rex Orange County also makes his long awaited debut after an impressive run on our Predictions Chart. Check out these two artists on Pandora today! 

Yella Beezy July 16.jpg


Dallas rapper Yella Beezy has been holding strong in the top 5 for a couple months, but now he sprints to the top spot as JuiceWRLD hits mainstream status and moves on from the chart. His single "It's On Me" has been gaining serious steam on Pandora over the past month, and with nearly 700,000 weekly spins, it's just a matter of time until the song hits the Pandora Top Spins Chart. This month compared to last month, Yella Beezy has seen a 30% increase in artist station adds, a 130% increase in track station adds and a nearly 500% increase in spins on Pandora.

Rex Orange County July 16.jpg


After an impressive run on the Predictions Chart -- during which he hit #1 -- British alternative artist Rex Orange County makes his Trendsetters debut this week after seeing over 2,100 artist station adds in one week. While Rex has been on the mainstream radar for a while now, he gets an extra boost after being featured on a new song from Peter Cottontale, a member of Chance the Rapper's Social Experiment. The week after the release of "Forever Always" -- which also features Chance and Daniel Caesar -- Rex saw an increase in artist station adds of 17% week on week.