AMP Trendsetters Highlights

A new year means new Trendsetters! Looking forward to another year of highlighting up-and-coming artists, such as Morgan Wallen and Lil Tjay. Take a listen to their stations on Pandora today!

Morgan Wallen January 7.jpg


Country singer Morgan Wallen rises to his highest Trendsetters position so far this week as he kicks off the 2019 If I Know Me Tour. The singer, who debuted back in June, has also seen two songs hit the Top Spins Chart with "The Way I Talk" and "Up Down (feat. Florida Georgia Line)." Last week, Wallen saw around 2,300 new artist station adds on Pandora.

Lil TJay January 7.jpg


Can a Justin Bieber song be turned into a rap hit? Lil Tjay did just that with "None of Your Love" earlier this year. But it isn't all "Baby" stuff; The Bronx native, who's signed to Columbia Records, saw breakout success with his 2018 single "Brothers," and has kept that momentum going with a nonstop flow of new singles. This month compared to last month, Tjay saw a 250% increase in spins on Pandora.