Introducing the Insights Tab to AMP!

We’re excited to announce the newest addition to AMP: the Insights tab!

mock-insights tab.png

The Insights tab, available on each individual artist’s AMP profile, makes it easier than ever to see data that will better equip you to engage with your audience and grow your fanbase

You’ll notice three different spotlight metrics atop the page, highlighting your Lifetime Streams, Lifetime Artist Station Adds, and Monthly Listeners on Pandora. 

Wondering what will happen to your Activity feed? Your Activity Feed is now part of the Insights tab as well, surfacing alerts on upcoming shows and for AMP campaigns.

Next, you’ll find visualizations of your Streams, Artist Station Adds, and Thumbs in easy-to-digest line graphs. Use the adjustable date picker to isolate data from these metrics (and more), providing you with the flexibility to look at your data across variable time ranges.

mock-date picker.png

Lastly, take a look at where your fans are located around the country by diving into where listeners have streamed your music, added your Artist Station, and Thumbed Up your songs. Playing a gig in the U.S.? Now it’s easier than ever to target your fanbase in a particular region and let them know about your upcoming tour dates using the Promote Show feature within AMP, streamlining the process for creating Artist Audio Messages to drive ticket sales.


View your Insights tab now by checking out your AMP dashboard. Wish you could dive into even more Pandora data? Log in or sign up for Next Big Sound to see how your tracks are performing, get notified when your music gets added to a playlist or station by Pandora’s curation programming team, and much more.

For more information on the Insights tab, check out the AMPplaybook and feel free to contact AMP Support if you have any questions.