AMP Trendsetters Highlights

This week two familiar faces climb their way up the Trendsetters chart. Be sure to take a listen to Ava Max and Yung Gravy on Pandora!

Ava Max March 4.jpg


Avatar may make you think of the Na'vi-human hybrids created by James Cameron, but nowadays it can also be a fully human fan of pop singer Ava Max. The number of Avatars are growing by the day as her breakout single "Sweet but Psycho" heats up. In the past month, Ava Max has seen over 10,000 new artist station adds on Pandora. "Sweet But Psycho," meanwhile, rises to #12 this week on the Top Spins Chart.

Yung Gravy March 4.jpg


Yung Gravy may be known as a bit of a meme rapper, but that hasn't stopped him from growing a very real fanbase. The Minnesota-born artist recently collaborated with Lil Baby on "Alley Oop," and the song's helped him see a 140% increase in track station adds month on month. Yung Gravy rises up three spots this week after seeing over 2,200 new artist station adds on Pandora.