Presenting Your Pandora Catalog Tab!

Yoke Lore Catalog.jpg

We’re thrilled to announce our next new AMP feature: the Catalog tab!  

The Catalog tab, available on each individual artist’s AMP profile, provides a central location for viewing all of your content currently live on Pandora. From this page, you can view a comprehensive list of your catalog at the track level and, through an integration with MRI/Songdex, easily resolve any publishing blocks preventing your music from being available to listeners on all three tiers of Pandora’s service.

The Catalog tab also makes sharing your music on Pandora Premium even easier! Sharing your tracks using a direct link gives the gift of Premium Access to your fans, allowing them to enjoy your music or comedy on-demand after watching a brief video, with all the features Pandora Premium has to offer. Simply copy Premium Access link from the Catalog tab and share in your Artist Audio Messages and across your social media profiles to bring fans into your music on Pandora.

For more information, check out the Catalog Tab User Guide and FAQ on our new “Manage Content” page on the AMP Playbook.

We hope you find this new resource useful, and as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via AMP Support if you have any questions.