AMP Trendsetters Highlights

Tennessee takes charge this week with two Memphis-based rappers making their debut on our Trendsetters Chart! Key Glock and BlocBoy JB are two rappers on the rise thanks to the support of big names in the industry. They’re all over our radar and they should be on yours too!  


It’s Key Glock Season!

Nineteen-year old Key Glock is the protégé of fellow Memphis rapper Young Dolph and is currently signed to Paper Route Empire. He released his anticipated debut mixtape, Glock Season, last year and a brand new mixtape, Glock Bond, earlier this month, which helped him generate some exciting buzz. Key Glock makes his first Trendsetters appearance this week at #10 after seeing a 225% increase in Instagram followers and a 150% increase in both Twitter followers and Pandora artist station adds.


BlocBoy JB Experiences the Drake Effect!

Although BlocBoy JB has been rapping since he was ten years old, nothing could have prepared him for the attention that comes with collaborating with one of the biggest names in music today. The 21-year-old rapper released his collaboration with Drake “Look Alive,” last week and the Drake effect has been in full force ever since. This week compared to last week, BlocBoy JB saw a 125% lift in artist station adds and a 90% increase in track station adds, landing him a spot in our Top 20 Trendsetters this week.