AMP Trendsetters Highlights

Our Top 10 on the Trendsetters Chart gets a shake up this week thanks to the debut of Queen Naija at #2 and El De La Guitarra at #5! These artists started the year off with a spike after releasing new music in January and are reaping the benefits now. Check them out on Pandora today!


Bow Down to Queen Naija

You may recognize Queen Naija from her popular YouTube channel, but the Detroit-native has made the seamless transition to an R&B artist with the release of her single “Medicine.” “Medicine” dropped in January and the video for the song received over two million views in less than two weeks, earning Queen Naija a spot on not one but two Next Big Sound charts this week. She makes her debut on Trendsetters at #2 and Top Spins at #46 - not a bad week for this newcomer!    


Introducing El De La Guitarra!

Airing on the mysterious side, El De La Guitarra (“The One with the Guitar”) likes to keep his fans guessing. The Mexicali-native often covers his face in pictures with emojis and doesn’t reveal much information in interviews. He does, however, share plenty of music with his growing fanbase as shown by the release of two new albums in January. El De La Guitarra makes his Trendsetters debut this week after seeing over 9,500 artist station adds.