AMP Trendsetters Highlights

This week’s list of Trendsetters features a diverse group of artists, with notable mentions from Vine-turned-R&B artist Bazzi and up-and-coming rapper JayDaYoungan. These two artists have been seeing huge boosts in artist station adds each week as well as strong social media performances. Don’t miss the hype and take a listen to Bazzi and JayDaYoungan on Pandora today!


Bazzi Brings the Heat!

Bazzi pulled double-duty this week making appearances on both our Trendsetters and Top Spins charts! The former Vine star has been in our Top 5 Trendsetters for five weeks in a row thanks to his breakout single “Mine,” which has led to over 13,000 artist station adds per week. His social media profiles have also experienced a boost with a 650% increase in Facebook page likes and a 100% increase in Instagram followers. Don’t sleep on Bazzi - he’s proving six  seconds of fame is not nearly enough!


JayDaYoungan Debuts at #18!

This week up-and-coming rapper JayDaYoungan proved his status with the recent release of his mixtape The Real Jumpman 23. The Louisiana-native has been gaining a lot of traction due to the mixtape’s standout hit “Muddy Situation,” which earned him over 3,200 artist station adds this week and led to a 200% lift in spins month on month. This Jumpman is definitely up to something!