AMP Trendsetters Highlights

This week we are thankful for the debut of two new Trendsetters: Domo Wilson and FKJ! Show them some love and check out their artist stations on Pandora today.

Domo Wilson Nov 19.jpg


The transition from YouTube personality to musician isn't an easy one to make, but Domo Wilson is handling it just fine. The Chicago-born, Indiana-raised personality and LGBTQ advocate has been steadily growing her fanbase since the release of her album Hear Me Now, on which she shows off her unique blend of pop, hip-hop and R&B. Wilson debuts this week with close to 2,300 artist station adds in on week on Pandora.

FKJ Nov 19.jpg


After a couple appearances on the Predictions Chart, French multi-instrumentalist Vincent Fenton, a.k.a. FKJ, makes his Trendsetters debut this week to the tune of over 1,800 weekly artist station adds on Pandora. (FKJ is short for French Kiwi Juice, which was also the name of his 2017 debut album.) Fenton saw his breakout last year with the release of "Tadow" with Masego, and he's been seeing more and more attention on Pandora since doing a series of shows in Europe. This month compared to last month, FKJ's seen a 88% increase in interactive plays on Pandora.