AMP Trendsetters Highlights

This week two artists make their Trendsetters debut! Say hello to singer-songwriter Dean Lewis and rapper Roddy Ricch and be sure to check out their artist stations on Pandora today!


Roddy Ricch is killing it. The Compton rapper was first put on the map earlier this year with the single "Die Young," which quickly made him a favorite among both rap fans and critics alike. Now, he's seeing more widespread attention after releasing his Feed Tha Streets 2 mixtape. This month compared to last month, Ricch has seen a 115% increase in artist station adds and a 250% increase in spins on Pandora.

Dean Lewis Nov 12.jpg


Dean Lewis has been #1 on the Pandora Predictions Chart for nine straight weeks, and now he makes a grand Trendsetters entrance to the tune of 1,750 weekly artist station adds. While hype around the Australia native has been growing since releasing "Be Alright," he got some extra attention recently after being nominated at MTV's Europe Music Awards. This month compared to last month, Lewis saw a 33% lift in artist station adds and a 35% increase in streams on Pandora.