Featured Tracks accelerates discovery and feedback from listeners for your new priority tracks and expedites the tracks’ path to their natural peak rotation on Pandora. 

Featured Tracks receive heightened spins for up to eight weeks, during which time listeners can give their feedback to the track by thumbing up or down. This ensures the track is played to the right listeners on stations where it fits best for them. 

When a Featured Track is created, it automatically launches a Campaign. A single Campaign can include multiple Featured Tracks and/or Artist Audio Messages to support new music or live events. Campaigns including multiple elements uniquely engage fans with your content. They also provide insightful data to help shape effective marketing strategies.


The use of Featured Tracks is the simplest, easiest way to boost new music on Pandora. When you select a track to be Featured, we introduce it to new listeners on more stations than it would typically reach. As soon as a track is Featured, it kicks off a period of accelerated testing and evaluation during which your track will receive a boost in spins across numerous stations where it is a good musical fit.


Featured Tracks have the most impact when anchored around another event in your overall marketing campaign — for example, Featuring your new single or Featuring a track for which you’ve just released a music video. Using an Artist Audio Message alongside a Featured Track increases fan engagement and enhances the effects of the Featured Track even more. See the Promote Single One Sheet for more information. 

You can also Feature a track around marketable events throughout your album cycle, such as a radio impact or a notable placement in a film, show, or commercial. Note that you can only Feature tracks that were added to Pandora within the last 365 days.

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