Pandora Artist Audio Messaging (AAM) is a unique, effective tool for speaking directly to your fans as they interact with your music — both as they listen on Pandora and as they follow your social networks. 

Audio Messaging allows you to create short messages that play on Pandora when listeners launch your station or before/after any of your songs on any station. These messages are a great way for you to engage your fans with specific content and promotions and provide them with an intimate window into your music. In some cases, the audio messages you create can be shared to your social media profiles to broaden their reach and pull even more fans into a listening experience on Pandora. 

When an Artist Audio Message is created, it automatically launches a Campaign. A single Campaign can include multiple AAMs and/or Featured Tracks to support new music or live events. Campaigns including multiple elements can uniquely engage fans with your content. They also provide insightful data to help shape effective marketing strategies. 


Artist Audio Messages aren’t advertisements. They’re personal, conversational soundbites that show off your personality as an artist and make your fans feel as though they’re speaking to you one-to-one. We use our Artist Affinity targeting method to make sure the right fans hear the right messages — which results in high engagement, as shown by our average click-through rate (CTR) of 2%. Additionally, these messages can be shared off-platform (outside Pandora) using a unique social sharing link, which broadens the reach of the message and generates more listening on Pandora. 


Audio messages can serve a number of purposes along the spectrum of promotional to personal. Promotional messages encourage fans to check out new music, buy tickets, or participate in another type of transaction. Personal messages improve the listener experience, increase engagement, and create a moment of connection. Personal messages are often thoughtful track intros or outros. These messages show a marked impact on station launches, track completion, and thumb ratios. 

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