AMPcast allows short audio messages to be recorded on the fly and broadcast near-instantly to your fans as they interact with your music on Pandora and follow your social profiles.

You can use AMPcast to alert fans of new songs, exclusive ticket offers, live events, or simply as a unique platform to share photos and personal messages. 

AMPcast allows you to speak directly to your fans in a way that is personal, natural, and engaging. Although messages can be used to promote a release or tour, they should not be thought of as advertisements. Instead, imagine your fans are in the room with you, sharing a moment. 


AMPcast is extremely effective as a promotional tool. Messages including a call to action receive average click through rates 2 to 8 times greater than what is typically seen on social media. Additionally, AMPcast creates a unique opportunity for you to connect with your fans when they’re most engaged - when they’re actually listening to your music or looking at your social profiles. When fans hear and see these messages, they actually interact with your music more, providing you with valuable feedback. 


All artists spinning on Pandora are able to use AMPcast whenever and wherever they are. Because of its flexible nature, AMPcast is best suited for spontaneous messaging when you’re in the studio, on tour, or otherwise on-the-go. Share a behind the scenes photo from the studio with a message encouraging fans to stream your new single or let fans in a particular city know that you’re going to be hanging out after your upcoming show for an impromptu meet-and-greet. Your fans are excited to hear from you, and AMPcast is a fun and effective way to speak to them. 

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